RSPCA Rebrand Website

I played a pivotal role in the development of the website for the new RSPCA rebrand. This case study delves into my involvement in the project, highlighting the methodologies used, challenges faced, and outcomes achieved.
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Project Goals

  • Create a user-centric website aligned with the new RSPCA brand identity.
  • Enhance accessibility to ensure inclusivity for all users.
  • Improve user experience to increase engagement and support.


User Research:

Usability and Accessibility Testing:

Iterative Design:




As the UX Research Lead and UX Designer at the RSPCA, I was dedicated to creating an inclusive and engaging online experience that aligns with our mission. I focused on a user-centric approach, worked closely with cross-functional teams, and used iterative design methods. Through these efforts, I helped ensure the project's success and supported the RSPCA's commitment to promoting animal welfare and kindness.