RSPCA NextGen kids site

NextGen is the new youth offering from the RSPCA. I spearheaded the initiative from start to finish. Leading the project, I designed and conducted workshops, performed in-depth research, and interviewed kids and parents to gather valuable insights. These efforts culminated in the development and creation of a website tailored to meet the needs of its young audience and their families, aligning with the RSPCA's mission, while engaging and educating the next generation about animal welfare.
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Project Overview

I led workshops, conducted research, and interviewed kids and parents to gather insights for the NextGen youth offering.


We conducted a qualitative study to gather insights into the user experience of the new RSPCA Youth Site, with online sessions involving children aged 6 to 12.


  • Evaluate the user experience among children aged 6 to 12.
  • Understand navigation, content interaction, and site perception.
  • Identify improvement areas and enhance site appeal and functionality.


Pre-Session Questionnaire

Captured initial knowledge, preferences, and online behavior.

Scenario-Based Tasks

Guided through navigation and content exploration tasks, sharing thoughts aloud.

Post-Task Interviews

Delved deeper into experiences, preferences, and challenges encountered.

Key Insights

  • Clear categorization and engaging content are essential.
  • Emphasis on interactive elements like games and videos.
  • Positive feedback on design and navigation.
  • Suggestions for clarity in instructions and user-generated content features.


  • Continue diversifying content to maintain engagement.
  • Introduce more interactive elements like quizzes and polls.
  • Promote regular competitions to encourage participation.
  • Highlight activities of different RSPCA branches.
  • Develop educational content on animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.
  • Regularly update with new stories, games, or challenges.
  • Establish a feedback loop for continuous improvement.

Website Development

Utilizing Liferay CMS, I built templates and streamlined the website creation process. The site was developed to engage and educate the next generation about animal welfare.

Final site