During my tenure at IBM, I held the position of Lead UI designer. In this role, I dedicated my expertise to the creation of advanced AI and Messaging applications. I prioritized accessibility, ensuring that our products catered to individuals with diverse needs. Additionally, I focused on illustration and component creation to add visual flair to our products.

Key projects

I worked on multiple projects as UI design lead at IBM, primarily in the Messaging and AI space.

Roles and responsibilities

Leading UI design

Ensuring a perfect UI crossplatform, with careful consideration to detail and a strong focus on accessibility.

User testing

Testing and validating designs with a panel of sponsor users, allowing for iterative feedback and continuous development.

Illustration and animation

Working on visuals in order to add flair to products, with a particular focus on design for function and a flat, linear style.


I worked directly on the frontend development of products, making alterations and rewriting code in order to ensure a flawless final product.